Hotel Myko

A hotel located minutes away from the beach and the Fifth Avenue.


Its beautiful gardens, comfortable rooms and excellent location make this hotel the best place to spend a memorable stay while in Playa del Carmen.

Our Hotel

It is said that love is in the details and this is exactly what Myko Hotel conveys with the embroidered decorative pillows on the beds, the nice frames on the walls, and the pewter containers placed in the kitchens. The care that we put in each corner of our rooms makes Myko an unforgettable place.

Your only choice is to enjoy

Myko’s privileged location allows you to enjoy and connect with the life of Playa del Carmen since it is situated within walking distance from the Fifth Avenue. Taking this into account, you are able to enjoy the exciting night life of this city until late without any worries. On the other hand, if what makes you happy is resting, you can order your dinner to your room so that you end the day in a relaxing setting.